Mapping stakeholder networks and paths of influence;

Using digital and social media effectively

Using traditional media including radio and database marketing

Creating a crisis communication plan

The 5 C’s of crisis communication

Criris PR strategies

Preparing key messages

Launching marketing and communications messaging


Crisis response flowchart

A six-step HR checklist to manage the COVID19 risks for staff and businesses

Six steps for designing a COVID19 crisis management plan: learnings for senior staff

Emergency protocols

What a Business Continuity Management Plan needs to contain

How to manage payroll in a crisis

Managing efficient payroll in unstable times

Checklist for employee communications in a crisis

Communicating the position on absence and pay due to COVID19

Helping teams go remote

Key remote working challenges for IT leaders and how to address them

Sustained remote working: can you answer these questions?

Preparing hotels for ‘new normal’ re-opening

Cleaning and disinfection guidance for hospitality to safeguard staff and guests against COVID19

Reopening guidance for restaurants: combatting COVID19 risks relating to sanitation and food safety

Additional safety measures in the workplace

Pandemic contingency plan policy

Workforce planning during COVID-19 pandemic for employers in Canada

How to manage your team during a crisis

Checklist for line managers when dealing with employees on return to work

Tool for evaluating workplace risk for returning employees

Dealing with an employee having a crisis

How to review staff structure in a tourism business in response to crisis

Financial support available to tourism sector workers in Canada during the COVID19 crisis

How to manage recruitment during a hiring freeze

Budget & Finance

Monitoring financial performance

Monitoring financial performance: Using ratios

Cash flow management: Assessing cash flow

Cash flow management: Managing receivables

Cash flow management: Managing payables

Managing costs

Revenue growth: Creating new strategies for revenue growth

Being prepared for financial conversations

Financial process improvement: Accounting and bookeeping


An overview of marketing in COVID-19 recovery

Markets, audiences, and channels

Matching products and services with consumer appeals

Adapting to market realities: products, pricing, placement, positioning

Adapting to market realities: products, pricing, placement, positioning – Accommodation

Adapting to market realities: products, pricing, placement, positioning – Food & Beverage

Leveraging research in recovery

Measuring impact and recovery


Change Management Approach

Change management in the Covid-19 crisis

Stakeholder management in a crisis – Supporting your stakeholder community

Innovation approaches to prepare for a crisis

Innovation approaches – Business Model Innovation

Innovation approaches – Establishing innovation techniques and systems

Ensuring innovation in the midst of crisis

Ensuring innovation in the midst of crisis – Offering more for less

Ensuring innovation continues after a crisis

Emergent innovation during the Covid-19 crisis

Ethical leadership to prepare for a crisis

Leadership in responding to a crisis

Project management techniques for crisis preparation – Gannt Chart

Project management techniques for crisis preparation – Work Breakdown Structure

Project management techniques for crisis preparation – Project Management Dashboard

Project management in the midst of Crisis

Risk management to prepare for a crisis

Risk impact/probability

Scenario Analysis – Exploring different futures

Strategic planning for times of crisis

Strategic planning models – PESTLE Analysis

Strategic planning models – Porter’s Five Forces

Strategic planning models – Visioning

Strategic planning models – VRIO

Strategic planning models – Theory of Change

Strategic planning and responding to the Covid crisis