Reopening guidance for restaurants: combatting COVID-19 risks relating to sanitation and food safety

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As restrictions around COVID-19 are relaxed and hospitality businesses start to reopen, the need for establishments serving food to implement and reinforce best practice in sanitation and food safety is more important than ever. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with instructions received from local authorities and existing procedures. 

  • Use only approved hard-surface disinfectants with a Drug Identification Number (DIN) given by Health Canada.
  • Clean the entire restaurant thoroughly, sanitizing all food contact surfaces.
  • Update cleaning schedules to prioritize high touch areas including door handles, front of house counters and restrooms.
  • Clean and disinfect shared equipment after every use e.g. kitchen equipment, credit card machines, point of sale stations, safety vests, headsets.
  • Between every seating, remove, clean and disinfect on-table items including cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, sauce dispensers, reusable menus and other items, leaving tables empty until the new guest arrives.
  • Make hand sanitizer available for all staff and guests.
  • Have deep cleaning response ready in event employee tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Disinfect high risk infection areas on a regular basis to protect against pathogen spread, focusing on hand hygiene, using disinfectants with virucidal/bactericidal claims, dealing with blood and bodily fluid spills immediately and dealing with laundry, kitchen utensils and medical waste in accordance with safe routine procedure.
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