Front of the House Prepping for Reopening

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Hit the Ground Running with preparing your team for a successful reopening.

As parts of the country are beginning their reopening plans, restaurants are cautiously implementing new health and safety protocols to new staffing challenges. Running a restaurant in the post-COVID-19 era will be a challenge to face, here are some tips to help navigate through this time:

How to Manage Health & Safety

  • Reviewing and revising your COVID-19 safety plan regularly for dine-in and takeout options
  • Communicating to your coworkers the changes
  • Compare your plans to the guidelines outlined by your Province, local public health unit and Ministry of Labour
  • Follow-up with products that disinfect rather than simply sanitize
  • Consider how to best communicate health and safety protocols with your customers to enhance their comfort and peace of mind

Strategies for Staffing

  • Restaurants are experiencing labour challenges as they begin to reopen
  • Strive to keep in touch with former employees in hopes to rehire
  • Maintaining communication with staff
  • Begin retraining as soon as possible to keep staff connected to your business for new and returning staff
  • Integrate formal training protocols regularly at pre-shift meetings
  • Be attentive to your team’s mental health
  • Creating open communication channels is key

Optimizing Operations

  • Optimize the efficiency and safety of the patio set-ups
  • Adjust so the restaurant movement flow is in a single direction, if possible
  • Add signs to delineate these directions to maintain physical distancing
  • Implement the right technology to enhance staff and guest safety
  • Bringing back favourite menu items can foster a sense of welcome and familiarity

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