Critical Post-Pandemic Questions Restaurant Owners Need to Answer as They Reopen

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As more of the population is getting vaccinated, restrictions around tourism and restaurants are starting to lift. Navigating around this new world will be a learning journey for restaurant owners, staff and the public. However, the more directly we can answer key questions about reopening restaurants, the sooner your employees can undergo a smooth reopening for your business.

Will I Have to Require my Employees to be Vaccinated?

  • Restaurant owners need to be very clear about their expectations of their employees when it comes to vaccinations
  • How will you handle it if an employee refuses to work with someone unvaccinated?
  • Consider how you will communicate your decisions in a way that shows respect for all your employees’ personal positions and wishes

How Will You Assure Your Employees’ Safety?

  • Remember each employee has a differing level of comfort about working with each other and with customers
  • Important to have a safety plan, incorporating local legal guidelines

How Can I Attract New Employees and Retain my Top Talent?

  • Consider adding more choice in scheduling for your employees or accommodate their desire for flexibility
  • Implement mental-health policies

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