Cleaning and disinfection guidance for hospitality to safeguard staff and guests against COVID-19

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As part of the re-opening process, most tourism operations will need to follow detailed and stringent protocols for cleaning and disinfecting their property. The following are recommendations for the steps that you will need to follow to protect both hospitality staff and customers.  

  1. Determine if there are enough trained employees to staff each area of your operation during normal working hours, and develop a business continuity plan if not fully staffed.
  2. Educate employees on symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. Monitor employee health and ensure that symptomatic employees stay home according to company illness policy.
  4. Reinforce personal hygiene practices, cough etiquette and physical distancing according to local and federal public health authority guidance.
  5. Provide necessary hygiene materials such as tissues, hand soap and hand sanitizer.
  6. Ensure employees disinfect all personal hard, non-porous surfaces according to directions for use on the product label.
  7. Inform employees of pandemic status and proper infection control procedures.
  8. Develop policies for worker protection; train all cleaning staff on proper product use and how to use a Safety Data Sheet.

Programs are also being put in place to help support hospitality businesses across Canada meet the cleaning and sanitation challenge as they reopen. The Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) has launched its Clean It Right online training program to provide awareness and education on cleaning your facility, while the Hotel Association of Canada has launched Safe Stay, an industry-wide, enhanced standard of health and safety protocols designed to prepare Canadian hotels for welcoming back guests and employees safety. as the economy reopens.

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